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About Our Menlo Park, CA Dentist

When receiving care to improve your dental health, the way in which treatment is delivered is just as important as the range of services your dentist has to offer. Our dentist’s care philosophy emphasizes building personal relationships, customizable care, and maintaining a legacy of compassionate service. Making sure everyone feels included and welcome, Dr. Andrea Yaley, DDS provides family dentistry in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Stanford, Redwood City, and the surrounding communities.

Helping Patients Feel Comfortable

One of the first steps we take to providing comfortable dental care is to make sure everyone feels welcome at our practice.

Our staff warmly greeting anyone who comes through our doors, helping them feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Yaley and her staff enjoy getting to know patients on a personal level. Before evaluating your medical and dental history, we ask questions to really understand who you are. Our goal is to ensure no one leaves our office feeling anonymous, and are instead secure in knowing that Dr. Yaley and all staff members truly care about them.

Personalized Care

Dr. Andrea Yaley, DDS customizes plans to suit distinctive needs, treating each person she sees the way she would want her own family to be treated. When it comes to serving your smile, she makes sure that the care you receive is the exact care you need.

This is exemplified in the way our office combines a high-tech approach to dentistry with conservative treatment. Our modern office features the latest, proven technology to provide a more thorough level of care. However, not everyone requires extensive procedures. By getting to know you as an individual, we understand your personal goals and make sure to develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Continuing a Legacy of Compassion

Our previous dentist, Dr. Douglas Boucher, was a cornerstone of the community. He provided effective dental treatment with a gentle approach, making sure every patient he saw received the exact care they needed in a comfortable and friendly manner. His goal was always compassionate care.

With a broad history of community involvement, Dr. Yaley cares about her neighbors both during visits and outside of our practice. She is proud to continue the legacy of Dr. Boucher and follows his example. Our dentist makes sure every patient receives the level of compassion and attention that helps them feel at home in our dental office.

Contact Us Today for Personalized, Friendly Care

Dr. Andrea Yaley, DDS provides personalized, compassionate dental care in Menlo Park and all surrounding communities. If a patient care philosophy centered on mutual understanding is the right one for you, you can find us in the center of Menlo Park, just one block away from Santa Cruz Avenue. For more information about our practice, call us and schedule an appointment today!

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